Breaking the vaults of Phandelver

A quiet little tavern on the outskirts of Neverwinter

Our five adventurers come in one by one into The Queen’s Blessing, a small and quiet little tavern in one of the alleys close to the steep city walls of the great city of Neverwinter. As they enter, the innkeeper, a slim and sturdy looking gentleman by the name of Harry Nimbletoes, silently gestures them towards the end of the inn’s common room where a large pitcher of ale and 6 mugs lie waiting for them.

The five adventurers cradle warm mugs of ale as they wait silently. The only sound in the room is of Harry cleaning the inn’s already spotless glasses.

Suddenly, the door to the inn opens.

And then closes just as quickly.

A dusty and harried looking dwarf has entered the inn and after a few quick and quiet words with Harry, he proceeds towards your table. With greying temples, long auburn hair tied back in a ponytail and thick powerful arms, it is clear that this dwarf is made of hard stuff.

Gundren: Ah friends, so glad to see that all of you are here on time! And that you’ve started your drinks without me! I jest, I jest.

Gundren: You are all adventurers of renown and I’ve brought you here for a far more simple adventure. I believe I have finally discovered the location of the fabled Lost Mines of Phandelver, thanks to a map that has come into my possession. I am moving posthaste to the town of Phandalin, the once prosperous mining town that served the miners of Phandelver to find the exact entrance. In the meantime, I request you all to serve as guards for a wagon of provisions that I need while in Phandalin. For this simple task, delivering the wagon to the good owner of Barthen’s Provisions in that town, I will have him pay you each 10GP. A fine wage for little effort, you would agree!

Gundren: So are you all game?

The five adventurers look around at each other, each trying to gauge the other’s weaknesses and fears while masking their own apprehensions and questions, and they all nod together.

Gundren: Wonderful! I didn’t expect anything less. I have to run, my warrior escort Sildar Hallwinter must have prepared our horses by now. So I shall see you all in Phandalin in a few days time, yes? And don’t worry about the ale, I’ve already settled it with Harry!

Gundren winks, slaps the dwarf amongst your company on the back, and exits the inn.

With the eyes of the four adventurers looking pointedly at him, the dwarf shrugs and says

Ghimli: "My cousin has such a reassuring manner, doesn’t he! My name is Ghimli Giantbasher, and I’m Gundren’s cousin on his mother’s side twice removed. And before any of you ask, I’m a Hill dwarf and a cleric, with my life pledged to the service of the world in honor of my God, Marthammor Duin, the peerless One. Well, thats my introduction. I look forward to hearing something about you fine gentlemen as it seems we are to be traveling companions for a few days at the least

Ghimli Giantbasher raises his mug of ale in a toast to the other 4 adventurers.

Zombie: Well, isn’t that a lovely surprise. A family business of adventuring! Well gents, my name is Zombie Blueberrymuffin, and I will be your rogue on this merry adventure. I do know a bit about Phandalin and can show you some of its sights, Tymora willing!

A well-dressed and slightly dandyish young man leans forward with a determined look on his face.

I don’t know about you guys but I think we can do more than just a simple adventure here!! We have the chance to make a difference to Phandalin and impose order and justice in those lawless parts!! I hope you will all help me and if not, I, Mithra of the Sunstrong family will do so on my own!! Count Mithra Sunstrong bangs his fist on the table, making everyones mugs of ale jump a bit.

A lean elf with silver-blond hair leans forward with a smile on his face and says:

* Dear Count, we are here to help of course but lets not put the horse before the cart. Lets get to Phandalin first my dear friend, I may call you friend right?"*

Count Mithra Sunstrong nods curtly at Naeris Moonbrook.

A burly human warrior sitting next to Naeris leans forward with a smile and says:

Dear elf, it looks we will at least be getting along well with each other! My name is Varian Wrynn and I’m a simple adventurer with simple needs – a little bit of treasure to meet the needs of my mortal body and a little bit of adventure for my songs and stories by the firelight!

Ghimli Giantbasher nods at Varian Wrynn and says:

Well, we are all introduced! Lets all make a move shall we, as I want to be well clear of the city before sunset!

The 5 adventurers finish their mugs of ale in silence, grab their weapons and packs and head out of the door with nods to Harry.

Outside, on the dusty silent street, Ghimli Giantbasher takes a weathered parchment map and examines it and mumbles,

Hmm, now what is the quickest way out of this warren?


Ah, to the right and then another right to the South Gate. Come gents, lets make haste now, we only have a few days to get to Phandalin!

Zombie Blueberrymuffin looks at Ghimli Giantbasher and says:

We do know the way to Phandalin don’t we?

Ghimli Giantbasher says:

Dont worry Zombie, I have a map for that too thanks to my cousin!


The adventurers head off at a steady pace towards the South Gate and from then on to Phandalin and then the Gods know what!

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